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2wIP Ethernet

If you need a network connection but only have an old 2-wire cable, it's time for 2wIP technology. PoE for your devices is here with 2-wires included.

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High-quality, flexible, and ultra slim patchcords in UTP,FTP and SSTP. You save up tp 40% space with wantecWire Patchcords. The Cords are CAT.6A certified.


Connect your door with your smartphone. See everyone who rings at the door. Speak with them, and open the door from home, work or while on holiday. You're always connected with your entrance.

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Wantec is a manufacturer of door telecommunication products,

2wIP Ethernet Adapters and wantecWire Patchcords . Our main focus is to always have a better price/performance ratio than our competitors. We won't always be the cheapest, but we produce high quality products that cost as little as possible to the consumer. We save money wherever possible, but we never sacrifice quality.

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