2wIP network technology

What`s the key advantage from 2wIP Adaptors?

  • fast and simple to install in the standard configuration, no software required, no DIP-Switch, plug and play
  • makes Ethernet Network available at locations with old PBX-lines, cables from audio systems or coax connections
  • supports long range Ethernet up to 1000feet, with PoE on the line up to 500feet

2wIP Ethernet with PoE over 2-wires

2wIP 90

Small adaptor with 3 different connectors. 2-Wire, twisted pair or BNC is possible. The adaptors are c ompatible to each other, you can use BNC with TWP or screws.

Power supply is obligatory at one side, the receiver needs only the 2-wires, no power.

Depending on the Power supply you have PoE or PoE+

Scalable, 1 Transmitter can connect to 4 receiver

Technical details

The 2wIP 90 Ethernet over 2-wire extender is the newest generation device for the installation of IP cameras and IP devices. It provides full-duplex high speed Ethernet data signal over a 2-wire cable. It also extends data signal 10/100 Base T up to 1,000 feet (305m). Its hardware and software resources are supplied by wantec`s robust and unique Ethernet extension technology. 2wIP technology provides robust immunity against 2Wire cable noise, vibration and automatically negotiation data throughput. 2wIP provides multiple IP Intercoms, IP cameras and IP devices installation over 2-wire cables in a star or daisy chain topology. It is an extremely cost-effective solution for IP Intercom and IP camera installation. 2wIP Ethernet over 2-wire extenders support 1:4 or more connections. (It means 2wIP needs just one 2-wire cable per one master and multiple slaves.)

2wIP provides plug & play configuration...no IP address or network setup required for installation. It supports IEEE 802.3 af/at compliant PoE for IP camera power supply. Its LED indicator provides power, link and data traffic status. It has a compact size extender for easy installation in camera housing.

Key Features

  •     Using legacy analog Intercom and CCTV 2Wire cables for installation of IP Intercom, IP camera, VOIP and IP devices
  •     One master extender can support up to four slave extenders
  •     Extremely cost and time-saving for IP Intercom, IP camera, VOIP and IP device installation using legacy analog 2-wire
  •     Cables and distributing 2Wire cables via star or daisy chain topology for multi point installation
  •     Long range Ethernet data extension over 2-wire - Max. 1,000 feet. (305 Meters)
  •     High data rate - Up to four IP Intercoms and Mega-pixel cameras
  •     Anti-vibration terminal block feature for harsh installation sites
  •     IEEE 802.3 af/at compliant PoE for IP Intercom and IP camera power supply
  •     Easy configuration and no IP address or network setup required
  •     Limited lifetime warranty - OEM/ODM reference for MTBF certification
  •     LED indicator for installation - power, link and data traffic status
  •     Compact size extender - fits inside most camera housings

2wIP Ethernet over 2-wires without power supply

2wIP 180

Ethernet/PoE Over 2-Wire Extender

1500 meters

LED indicator

Watchdog timer

128 Bits AES

Daisy Chain configuration

Technical details

wantec 2wIP 180 product series Ethernet / PoE Extender system is a compact media converter that allows 10/100 Base-T Ethernet and IEEE802.3at/af, PoE+ power to be transmitted using virtually any kind of cable. It means that you can utilize a Coaxial cable or any two-wire cable (UTP, STP cable, Telephone line, bell wire and power cable for instance) for the Ethernet / PoE Transmission and also use in legacy installations where existing cable is re-deployed as part of an upgrade to IP cameras without having to lay any new cables or implement any other constructional measures.

The 2wIP 180 product series Ethernet / PoE Extender are required at both ends of the cable, and it automatically configures itself as either the transmitter or the receiver.The significant additional benefit of system is that, in addition to data, the power to operate PoE end devices can also be transferred via the two-wire cable.   And now with PoE over 2-wire, you can deliver up to 50 watts of PoE power to the camera as well, eliminating the complexity of installing local power supplies. It is hard to predict or measure the length and quality of installed cable, so it is very important to deliver continuous, reliable power for the new IP camera that the cable you are upgrading. However, thanks to 2wIP 180 product series Ethernet / PoE Extender’s ultra low-power design, even the RG-59 coaxial cable still can support a 15 watt to IP camera at the most range likely to be found in a legacy installation.

 Friendly status indicator

The smart LED indicators provide an instant and easy-to-understand confirmation of network, power status and right across the cable, with no need to visit remote equipment site to check connections. And once connected, the LED indicator for power display instantly reaffirms that the actual power available to the camera is sufficient.

 Add power easily

DC plug connections, or the option of using a PoE Hub source, You can use the power source from the PoE Hub or DC power adapter provides the last link in assuring continuous power delivery, without configuration or measurement required, installation of is as straightforward as plugging it in. If PoE is not available, or for an extra power boost at either end of the cable, just connect the optional power supply.


    Transmit up to network speeds up to 150 Mbps*; distance Up to 1,968ft (600m)**.

    Re-use existing coax or two-wire cable for IP cameras.

    Adapter set to transfer via Ethernet and PoE using a UTP cable.

    Easy to install, no IP and MAC address configuration required.

    Support Daisy chain and Start system configuration.

    Built-in Watchdog can auto reconnect when system connection fails.

    Support any 10/100 Base-T Ethernet device, including IP cameras.

    Compliant IEEE802.3at/af standard and POE+, also support external power adapter for PoE.

    Instantly check network signals, link and power status with LED indicators.

    128-bit AES encrypted communication for transient protection.


  • Upgrading to IP
  • Retrofit analog CCTV installations into digital systems, delivering full network connectivity and standardized, centrally-sourced power without re-cabling.
  • New installations

With the familiarity of coaxial cable and the reliability and cost advantages of PoE, it is an effective choice for the installation of new IP video systems where cable runs may be longer than standard 10/100 Base-T and hard to get power area.

  • Long distance extension

Connecting Ethernet/PoE over 2-Wire Extender system back-to-back allows the network signal to be repeated without local power, enabling extension of Ethernet up to 1500 meters (4,950 feet)

  • Networked just there's 2-Wire

The ability to convert 2-Wire into a network connection without requiring power has many advantages in upgrading CATV, satellite or telephone system in hotels or other buildings, among other applications.

  • Elevators and mechanisms

Coaxial cable has the advantage being coil and bendable, compare to UTP cable. The Ethernet/PoE over 2-Wire Extender system provides a better solution for network access to elevator carriages, such as Security video, Access controller, VoIP and Digital signage.

2wIP Ethernet over 2-wires 19" Rackmount


2wIP 180 Rack

19" Rack Version

1 - 4 Units


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