Why is wantec such a successful brand?

Founded in Germany in 1999 by CEO Stefan Rupp, the development and production is based in a 7,000sqft facility. Desiring to establish roots in the North American market, wantec opened distribution operations in the beautiful foothills of the Upstate of South Carolina. In 2019, wantec will expand its operations in the United States with a new 5,000sqft facility located in Simpsonville, South Carolina.

Wantec offers high quality door telecommunication products, 2wIP Network Adaptors and wantecWire Patchcords.

We only use the highest quality materials in our production. Our products are optimally made for your application.

Our main focus is the production of door and emergency intercoms with IP, as well as analog technology. We also carry out individual orders that include the development and production of intercoms to the customer's requirements. We offer high-tech solutions to small, medium, and large companies, architects, and designers.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.


High quality is only possible if you have precise and exact machines for production. We invest in products from the market leader which assures that we have the best equipment to build the best products.


Quality is what makes wantec products stand out from the competition.

Every product is tested multiple times and will only leave our facility if all tests have passed.

We only manufacture materials that are of the highest quality, supplied from the market leader. We never cut costs with cheap materials. Instead, we economize the process with intelligent manufacturing, small leading structures and new ways in development and production processes.

We base our success on long-term partnerships that are established on the foundation of confidence and trust on both sides of the relationship.

These reasons are what differentiate us from our competitors, and are the established values we stand for.


We travel to exhibitions around the world to speak with our customers and hear about their experiences with our products. Speak with us and we can discuss varying possible applications. We love your feedback. Discussion with our customers is the easiest way to create the perfect products.

Executive Team

Stefan Rupp

CEO & Founder

Open minded and always on the search for products which create a better world. His passion is to develop and design new products and find solutions to produce it in the best way.

Daniel McNally

Head of USA sales

New contacts with great people and speak about magnificat products is the point he likes in sales. Figure out solutions with the clients and bring it to a successful end for both is his way.

Cedric Tomacruz

Head of merchandising department

Pictures tell´s story and work with pictures is his passion. The advertisement is a challenge for him, this is what he masters perfect.

James Friddle

Head of marketing department

New technology and products is his passion and profession. He likes to work with social media, utilizing classic marketing instruments to promote new products.

Alexander Seiler

Produktion manager

No sale without products, his job is to ensure that the constant supply never stops. And this he does perfect.

Norbert Weiss

Head of Europe sales

As a specialist in sales, he always finds the right path to our customers. Big offers or small requests, he is open to every matter and is only satisfied when the customer is.

Waldemar Timler

Quality assurance

His credo is: "If you do it, do it right. Otherwise, you will have to do it again". Quality is his number one priority and he has an eye on it. Precise work is his passion and he stands for it day after day.

Mikhail Saburov

Head of Eastern Europe sales

There are different ways of sale in the west and east of europe, he is the master of the art in sales in both worlds. He is always in touch with the market.

Successful Projects

Here we had only a very small column for the complete system, this is a outdoor version and must be IP65.

We found a solution and the customer was surprised about the quick realization for a fair price.

Our customer had a challenge, they switched from a analog PBX system to a Voice over IP and the DECT Base stations was connected over 2-wire lines.

We recommeded the 2wIP System and installed 40 pairs of it in a 19" Rack system. In this case we paired as groups and we have had a working system without install a new cable in a few hours.



In this case the customer had a outside door and a big hole in the supporting column. Only a little callenge for us, we develop a customized front pannel and integrate the RFID system to.



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